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In recent years, critics, fans and artists alike have lamented the turning tide in rap & hiphop. It is commercially successful, it is the voice of a generation and it is the world’s music—all positive things. But, despite its diverse audience, it often seems like the artists themselves are not as diverse. Rap & Hiphop can make you dance, yes. But can it make you think? What happened to the days when rappers had distinctly different personalities and styles? Has hiphop just become a parody of itself?

sugaspott in the studio recordings a track

Plugging The Microphone In

sugaspott is an underground rap artist, born and bred in Zimbabwe where he was active since 2002. Christened Shingirai Kaserera, he moved to London in 2005, with a view to seek fun, spread love and indulge new experiences.
He is a hard worker, who has who has shared stages with Major Baldini, Swami Baracus, Apache Indian and Navin Kundra. Once hailed as one to watch by the Daily Express, The Zimbabwe Herald tipped him to be Zimbabwe’s most successful musical export let alone rap. 
A seasoned performer who has the Brentford Festival, Padington Festival and the Golborne World Music Festival among a list of his stage appearances. Blessed with a witty flow, he is now independently releasing and distributing his rap music and looking to further his opportunities.

Rap Music

He has got a decent catalog available across major digital platforms such as iTunes and Amazon. Most of his music gives opinions on everyday social issues and yet not afraid to have a party whilst at it. Lisa Parker of “”The EP Project””, called it “something special, memorable and emotional”. Tom Robinson of BBC’s 6Music and Fresh On The Net was also impressed by his material and subsequently introduced it on his show, which is very rare for rap & hiphop records.
His rap is usually crafted around a refreshingly honest approach to lyricism and story-telling and his key goal is positivity. ““Hip hop has too many bad guys and I guess it’s about time a good guy took the mantle and carried the burden”,” professes Shingirai.

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